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Red Snapper Mask

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The Nightmare CarnEvil Entry #3

"My fins are sore from carrying all these chum buckets in from the circus train. Worth seeing my babies fed though. Crunch and Munch always help me get rid of evidence that needs to disappear. My sharks run through meat and bone like paper shredders.

I could really use a little more help around these tanks though, considering how many towns we run through in these rail cars. Who the hell is conducting this train anyway!? Old metal face needs to stop being so thorough. Maybe I'll slip an eel or two in his tub at night. Show him who exactly is the big fish in this small pond. Who does he think he is. The clown? Nobody questions the clown.

Hopefully the next town has a lake. I'm hungry and a floating dock is an open buffet for a man eater like me. Snap! Snap! The bubbles are the only thing rising to the surface when I'm finished." 

Red Snapper Mask is 100% Latex

Sculpted by Dash_Exe (Instagram @dash_exe)

Concept & Bio by The Nightmare Shop