Phantasm Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Available on Vinyl for the first time in over 35 Years, Mondo is honored to re-issue Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave's iconic soundtrack to Don Coscarelli's horror classic Phantasm. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with new artwork by Phantom City Creative and featuring all new liner notes by the film's Writer/Director. Available on 180 Gram Black Vinyl.

Side A

1. Main Title

2. Welcome to Morningnside/ Hand in Box

3. Mineshaft Chase

4. Phantasmagoria/ Silver Sphere Disco

5. Hearse Inferno

6. Cemetery Spectres

7. Spacegate to Infinity

8. Jody at Morningside/ Just a Dream?

Side B

9. Phantasm Atmosphere

10. The Tall Man on Main Street

11. Funeral Organ/ Dwarf in Hearse

12. Under the Car

13. Mike on the Road

14. Hearse Chase

15. Overturned Ice Cream Truck

16. End of the Game

17. Or is it? (Outtakes)