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Meltdown Mask

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The Nightmare CarnEvil Entry #1

"It wasn't long ago I was jumped by those 'funny' circus clowns. Their hands felt like bricks pounding against my skull, cracking me open and leaving me to dwell in darkness. I was brutalized and stuffed into a barrel of toxic chemicals... all because I wasn't funny. But deep in the darkness, I became someone else. I became something else. This toxic energy gives me life and purpose. And the purpose is vengeance. One by one all of those 'hilarious' clowns will fall to my poison gas. My wicked chuckle will be echoed through every small town my Nightmare CarnEvil blows through. And I'll need help. So I'm bringing a mob of over eager circus mutants with me to bring your society back into balance. Every town has a clown, and behind every clown in grease paint... in the darkness... there's Meltdown. Be sure to laugh! Ha Ha Ha!"

Meltdown Mask is 100% Latex

Sculpted by Dash_Exe (Instagram @dash_exe)

Based off Artwork by Coarey Trim Creations (Twitter @LegendaryHeroes)

Concept & Bio by The Nightmare Shop