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Killjoy Statue

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Full Moon Collectibles is proud to present the KILLJOY collectable Resin Statue from the popular KILLJOY franchise as played by versatile actor TRENT HAAGA. KILLJOY is the demon clown of vengeance, and along with his trusty clown crew; Batty Boop, Punchy and Freakshow - they give HELL to all mortals that deserve punishment!

This hand-painted statue based on the titular character features intricately-sculpted details. KILLJOY stands with a menacing grin, his trademark outfit, and his omnipotent hammer the ‘Malice Buffoonus’. Made of hard resin and stands approximately 7 ½” tall on a round base. This one of a kind KILLJOY statute is ready to inflict pain on all his enemies. A great addition to any Killjoy fan’s collection!