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House On The Edge Of The Park Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Ruggero Deodato’s House On The Edge Of The Park is obviously inspired by Last House On The Left (even down to sharing Last House star David Hess). This film is a notorious 1980’s Italian Horror movie and was banned in several countries, including the UK. It’s vicious and nasty, reveling in it’s own depravity. The score, however, by Maestro Riz Ortolani, is the complete opposite. Side 1 is bright and airy, featuring the absolute stole cold disco classic ‘Do It To Me’, as well as the beautiful melody of ‘Sweetly’, featuring vocals by Diana Corsini. Side 2 features the wonderfully mellow track ‘Love Sequence’, as well as the more ominous ‘Terror Sequence’. This audio comes direct from the legendary CAM vaults, and we at Mondo are thrilled to bring you this Italian classic for the first time on vinyl.

Pressed on 180 Gram Red Vinyl