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From Beyond Extended Soundtrack

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From Beyond

180 Pink Slime Vinyl
Complete, Re-mastered and Expanded Soundtrack
Director Liner Notes By Stuart Gordon
Composer Liner Notes By Richard Band
Heavyweight Old-Style Tip On Gatefold Jacket
Art By Marc Schoenbach Of Sadist Art Designs 

Track List:

Side A

1. From Beyond
2. The Resonator & Main Title
3. We Saw Creatures
4. Back To The Pretorious House
5. Crawford’s Anxiety
6. Pretorious’ Madness
7. She’s So Pretty
8. The Lampyre From Beyond, Part 1

Side B

9. The Lampyre From Beyond, Part 2
10. Mutations
11. Escape From The Hospital & Beyond The Pretorious House
12. The Final Battle In The Beyond
13. Catherine Survives… But?
14. End Title