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Friday the 13th Part II Original Motion Picture Score

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Friday the 13th Part II
Composed by Harry Manfredini
Remastered For Vinyl
180 Gram Blue, Black, and White Marble "Jason Flannel" Colored Vinyl
Artwork by Rich Kelly
Side A
1. Flashback
2. Alice Hangs Up
3. Keep A Cool Head (Main Title)
4. Prowler
5. Ralph Gets Cursed
6. Terry Looks For Muffin
7. Jeff and Sandy Are Watched
8. The Chase/ Sheriff Visits/ Villa Jason
9. Terry In Lake/ Dolly In, Scott Out
Side B
10. Vickie Is Watched/ Jason At Door
11. Vickie Goes Up
12. Jason and Paul Meet
13. Ragtop and Running Raggad
14. Ginny Under the Bed
15. Ginny Visits Villa Jason
16. Who's At the Door?
17. Return To Chez Jason/ End Title