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Friday the 13th Part 3D Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Friday the 13th Part 3D

Deluxe Hockey Mask Variant

2xLP- Both Discs on 180 Gram Hockey Mask with Blood Splatter VInyl

Art By Ghoulish Gary Pullin

Every Musical Cue From the Film

Sourced From The Original Analog Tapes

Side A

1. Part 2 Flashback

2. Theme From Friday the 13th Part 3

3. The General Store

4. The Meat CLeaver

5. Arriving at the Barn

Side B

6. Let's Go For A Swim

7. Who's Up There?

8. In the Barn

9. The Pipe Wrench

10. In the Bedroom

11. Flashback to Meeting Jason

12. Chuck Walks to Outhouse

13. The Lake Dock

14. Shelly Goes to the Barn

15. Wallet in the Lake

16. Debbie Takes A Shower

Side C

17. Walking on Hands

18. The Fuse Box

19. Chili Bites the Big One

20. Nobody Home

21. The Eyes Have It

22. Jason Down Stairs to Barn

Side D

23. Jason Hung

24. Jason Grabs Rope

25. Hallucinating

26. Jason Dead in Barn/ End Credit Title