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Freakshow Mask

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The Nightmare CarnEvil Entry #2

"The crows continued to pull and tug at our flesh as if we had secrets to tell underneath all of this treachery and pain. Our screams would only give us seconds of freedom while the crows scattered to the sky and then dove back at us again. Why were we born this way? What is our purpose? We never knew family. Some say we sprouted out of Razorback Hollow in late October years ago. Some say we fell out of a witch while being burned at the stake.

Is our purpose to be propped up in a field all day as a scarecrow to remind this town of the freak that hide in its shadows? The clown speaks of the other freaks down the tracks. One can even talk to fish. Maybe Meltdown was right. Maybe we do have a place... a purpose. It's time we pull ourselves down from these crosses and catch the circus train into town. Give them a show... a Freakshow."

Freakshow Mask is 100% Latex

Sculpted by Dash_Exe (Instagram @dash_exe)

Concept & Bio by The Nightmare Shop