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Drag Me To Hell Original Motion Picture Score

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Drag Me To Hell

The Complete Score by Christopher Young
Artwork by Midnight Marauder
180 Gram 2xLP “Hell-Fire” Colored Vinyl
Composer Liner Notes
Old Style Gatefold Jackets with Satin Coating

Track List:

Side A

1. Drag Me To Hell

2. Mexican Devil Disaster

3. Tale Of A Haunted Banker

4. Lamia

Side B

5. Black Rainbows

6. Ode To Ganush

7. Familiar Familiars

8. Loose Teeth

Side C

9. Ordeal By Corpse

10. Bealing Bells With Trumpet

11. Brick Dogs Ala Cart

Side D

12. Muddled Buddled Brain Stew

13. Auto-Da-Fe

14. Concerto To Hell