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Deathgasm Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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2x LP Pressed on 180 Gram Black with Silver Splatter and White with Black Splatter

Artwork by Sam Turner

Axeslasher- Mark of the Pizzagram

Beast Wars- Realms

Bulletbelt- Deathgasm

Midnight- Evil Like a Knife

Skull Fist- Hour to Live

Nunslaughter- Looking Into the Abyss

Elm Street- Metal is the Way

Ihsahn- Retrospection

Bulletbelt- Black Banshee

Elm Street- Heavy Metal Power

8 Foot Sativa- 8 Foot Sativa

Emperor- The Burning Shadows of Silence

Pathology- Alone

Razorwyre- The Infinite

Razorwyre- Desert Inferno

Beast Wars- Damn the Sky

Lair of the Minotaur- Let's Kill These Motherfuckers

The Wretched End- Tyrant of the Mountain

Skull Fist- Bad For Good