SLASH FACTS- Child's Play

Child's Play -

SLASH FACTS- Child's Play

Another remake. And soon to be, another batch of opinions that don’t agree with one another. The new Buddi dolls arrive in theaters everywhere tonight as the virtual killer doll in Child’s Play. With the anticipation of this born-again franchise, I can’t help to show my gut-wrenching love for the original and the franchise that follows. This is how I will always know Chucky. As a Good Guy.

Child’s Play

Released in US- November 9, 1988

Directed By- Tom Holland

Written By- Don Mancini

Rated- R

Run Time- 1 hour & 27 minutes

Kill Count- 6

Killer- Charles Lee Ray a.k.a. Chucky

Number of Sequels- 6 + 1 Remake

Personal Rating- 9/10 Voodoo Dolls



  1. Charles Lee Ray/ Brad Dourif- The introduction we got to Charles Lee Ray was perfect to me. You don’t know what he has done. But you know he’s a bad guy. And thanks to Detective Norris and his shot to the chest, we wouldn’t have to worry about him ever again. What I really love about this scene as I got older is the tie in that got shown in Curse of Chucky. It finally answered why he was running away. Fantastic writing.
  2. Maggie Peterson/ Dinah Manoff- Eight floors down onto a fuckin van! Damn, that’s got to suck. She never had a chance. I love those ‘burn off’ characters in horror movies. The ones that you know probably aren’t going to make it and always get killed in these extreme ways. Maggie was just that.
  3. Eddie Caputo/ Neil Giuntoli- Eddie deserved it. There, I said it. You never leave a friend behind. This was a vengeful kill. And Andy just happened to be in a suspicious place at the time. Really scary to put yourself in Andy’s shoes in that particular situation. Looking like a suspect for arson and blowing the shit out of a house. No thanks.
  4. John Bishop/ Ray Oliver- This was blatant doll on doll crime. Chucky fucking up the one who taught him what he knows showed a lot of true power this possessed doll has. It was hard to watch as a little kid. Super brutal without having to do much but it got it’s point across vividly.
  5. Dr. Ardmore/ Jack Colvin- The effects in this scene were really cool to me. This guys skin turned black and charred quick. The voltage was no joke. Electrocution is used multiple time throughout this franchise. That’s also how Tiffany died in Bride of Chucky. It’s powerful to actually watch these victims die rather than blowing them up or dying off screen. It’s like a drug for Chucky.
  6. Chucky/ Brad Dourif- I love the send off line. “This is the end friend!” Badass Andy, badass. That and the fact that Chucky had to be killed or so we thought a few times in the last scenes. It’s the classis ‘supposed dead killer comes back for one last scare’ trick. And it was done beautifully. Luckily for us, we know that this is not the end. And we don’t know if it will ever stop.

Honorable mentions

Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay

Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay

Chris Sarandon as Mike Norris

This is a movie I grew up watching, I still watch, and will continue to watch over and over again. It’s every child’s nightmare. And every adult’s for that matter. The thing we love the most trying to kill us. Now, that’s pretty fucking scary.

“Hi, I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!”

-Chucky Doll


Cannibal John

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