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IT is a new year! Therefore, time for a new celebration. And this year, all year, I, Cannibal John, will be celebrating the SLASHER! It’s the year for recognition. It’s the year of evisceration. In the words of the late, great Wes Craven, “Don’t be stingy with the blood!” This year, bloodshed will be the first, second, and third topic of my new blog, SLASH FACTS! Time to tear you apart.


Released in US theaters- December 20, 1996

Directed By- Wesley Earl Craven

Written By- Kevin Williamson

Rated- R

Run Time- 1 hour 51 minutes

Kill Count- 8

Killer- Ghostface A.K.A. Stu Macher & Billy Loomis

Number of Sequels- 3 + 2 Seasons of a TV Show

Personal Rating- 8/10 Stabs


  1. Maureen Prescott/ Lynn McRee- I know she was technically killed before the movie. But Billy and Stu began their year of terror with her. So, Sidney’s mom is totally in there. I’m glad we didn’t see what happened to her.Poor Cotton. Punk ass kids.
  2. Steven Orth/ Kevin Patrick Walls- This dude had no chance from the get go! I like that Casey said things over the phone like, “He’s big and he plays football and he’ll kick the shit out of you!” It made for a much more believable sense of power Ghostface had from the first time we meet him. And a huge sense of helplessness when Steve was bound, gagged, and gutted. Awesome scene.
  3. Casey Becker/ Drew Barrymore- What?! This early in the movie?! Fuck yeah, this early is what I say to that. I love when bigger named stars make cameos this iconic and rememberable. Casey’s death is absolutely the only way this film could’ve started. Sucked me right in and in still scares me.
  4. Arthur Himbry/ Henry Winkler- We got to witness his last happy days as principal of Woodsboro High School. Unfortunately, they were not happy whatsoever. Another cameo made by a very successful actor in Scream. My only problem with this kill is that we ultimately don’t get to see the end result. If you fast forward to the scene when they get the call at Stu’s house party about their principal being hung from the goal post of the football field. I would’ve loved to see that. Drew Barrymore may have stolen his fire on that one.
  5. Tatum Riley/ Rose McGowan- I still don’t understand what the thought process was trying to crawl out of the doggy door. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a little too wide for smaller doors, I don’t know. But what I like about it is that in this scene, although he did slice Tatum’s arm, you see that Ghostface has more tricks up his sleeve than you think. His blood lust is unquenchable.
  6. Kenny Jones/ W. Earl Brown- Neck slashing is underrated. This was a quick kill. A needed kill to keep driving and pushing this movie forward for what we were about to find out. I liked Kenny. He took a lot of shit from Gale Weathers. What a snob she was. Him flying off of the van was pretty cool though. That’s what Gale gets.
  7. Stu Macher/ Matthew Lillard- Stu’s death was crazy as hell. Prior to having a TV pushed on top of his fucking face, he got stabbed at least 4 times by Billy! I’m pretty sure he was going to die anyways, but Sidney was quick to bite his hand, smash a vase over his head, and send him packing. That peer pressure can be a son of a bitch.
  8. Billy Loomis/ Skeet Ulrich- The final kill. But not the final scare. Let’s not forget about Mr. Neil Prescott in the coat closet. I think in the end though that Billy was much like the rabbit in the rabbit in the hare. He got too excited too quick and ended up losing the race. Although, in Billy’s case, he took an umbrella to the chest and got shot in the head by one of my favorite final girls of all time, Sidney Prescott.

Honorable mentions

Roger Jackson as “The Voice”

Neve Campbell Sidney Prescott

Jamie Kennedy as Randy

David Arquette as Deputy Dewey Riley

Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers

Wes Craven as Fred the Janitor

Scream, to me, will always remain close to my horrified heart. It was one of my first loves and has given so much back to horror movie after movie, rule after rule. It will always be one of my favorite movies with one of my favorite surprise endings. It truly is a scream.

“Careful. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life, for one last scare.”



Cannibal John

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