TNS Movie Review- They Live (1988)

They Live -

TNS Movie Review- They Live (1988)

Nada: “A long time ago, things were different man. My old daddy took me down to the river, kicked my ass, and told me about the power and the glory. I was saved. He changed when I was little. Turned mean and started tearing' at me. So I ran away when I was thirteen. He tried to cut me once. Big old razor blade. Held it up against my throat. I said, "Daddy please"... Just kept moving' back and forth... like, he was sawin' down a little tree...”

Frank: “Maybe they're always been with us... those things out there. Maybe they love it... seeing us hate each other, watching us kill each other off, feeding on our own cold fuckin' hearts...”

Nada: “I got news for 'hem... There's gonna be hell to pay. 'Cause I ain't daddy's little boy no more.”

They Live, directed by John Carpenter and released in 1988, is a symbolic horror movie that really hits home for me. Someone trying to make it in this crazy, tough world. Carpenter makes us lower the sunglasses for a bit and see the world for what it really is!

When Nada (Roddy Piper) finally wears these government issued sunglasses, he sees the social injustice that’s going on. Including the subliminal messages that are even on currency saying things such as “I am your God” and “OBEY”. Money to this day is used in evil ways and society is always telling us what we should eat, drink, or even watch. These references throughout the movie are the overwhelming horror aspect that are thrown at you from Carpenter himself. The scary part in this cult classic isn’t the ugly faces portrayed by the “Fascinators” themselves, but the horrible truth that we as a society have accepted for years now.  The world and your life is what you make of it!

It is important to run towards something no matter how scary the truth may be! They Live is action packed, witty, and very visually entertaining! The color scheme and crazy soulless eyes that the Fascinators give off are a tremendous shout out to the makeup department. A great choice by Carpenter to help portray that these aliens are not only intelligent and clearly otherworldly, but also cold hearted and have zero sympathy or human emotion. They are strictly there to farm off our fears and evilness that we show each other every day. The effects and make up in this movie are timeless and the cheesy one-liners from Nada fit perfectly in a not so serious but in your face plot twist. Give They Live a look and see the truth for yourself! OBEY!


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