Let me in -


Frog Files: Let Me In

“Owen: Are you a Vampire?

Abby: I need blood to live.

Owen: But how old are you really?

Abby: Twelve. But…I’ve been twelve for a very long time.”

    This year I wanted to try something different.  I wanted to share all my love for Vampires with all you Freaks and Ghouls that follow The Nightmare Shop LLC and start a Frog Files Blog (notoriously named after the Frog Brothers in The Lost Boys).  Since I was little and watched movies such as Fright Night, Dracula, and Near Dark I have been fascinated with the creatures of the night! I love the power they possess and the curse they bare that comes with immortality…the blood, gore, and special effects does not hurt either! This month (due to the cold weather I am sure we will get this winter), I have chosen to take a closer look at the terrifying Let Me In flick Directed by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) in 2010 which takes place in the snow covered town of Los Alamos New Mexico.

    Now I know there is an original film called Let the Right One In made in 2008, Directed by Tomas Alfredson (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Snowman). This film was a great movie…but with it taking place in Sweden and having less of a connection with the main characters in this film, I would have to say I Enjoyed Let Me In more.  Let Me In really helped the Vampire community get back on the right track showing what Vampire movies really have the essence of being. With the Twilight Saga ending in 2012, Let Me In really stood on its own and put the scare back into vampire movies. Vampires had their own notch in horror and up until the early 2000s were somewhat of a cornerstone in horror.  “New” Vampires started to develop in society with the show Vampire Diaries (2009), the Saga that is Twilight (2008), and the action packed Underworlds (2003). I’m not one to discourage anything horror necessarily but the direction Vampire movies were going in was disastrous. Vampires were looked at as good guys/ladies and all of a sudden had a very good-looking exterior.  Vampires could fall in love and cared for humans. Some of them even would glitter in the sun! Now to each is own and I loved how popular they had become…but it came at a price. Vampires were no longer scary with awful breath and long bat winged ears. The blood spilt in these movie was very minimal and if there was a lot of gore and blood it was thrown into action packed scenes with the likes of Wesley Snipes and Kate Beckinsale…cool to look at but got boring fast with zero character development. Then…Let Me In came into our lives like a bat out of hell.

    Matt Reeves did such a good job with the feel of Let Me In.  Each scene and set gives off the coldness that is the weather and personality of young vamp Abby (Chloe Grace Moretz).  Throughout the movie, Abby does not wear shoes or socks in the northern part of New Mexico. The town is completely snow covered throughout the movie and has great contrast with the amount of blood that spilled across the mountain town of Los Alamos.  I thought the shoes and socks aspect truly gives you the inhuman aspect of Abby. It separates her from Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) in that it seems she feels no pain a human would feel…just thirst and the need to quench it. I loved that from the get go you knew something was different about Abby based on her look alone…that and her quiet cool confidence.  She was clearly wise beyond her years and knew what it took to keep herself alive, even if that meant befriending a human. The Connection between Abby and Owen was simple yet heartbreaking. They needed each other. They took care of each other and watched each other’s backs. Outside of Abby’s “father” (Richard Jenkins), these two only had each other and preferred it that way.

    This movie really sets the tone for the curse Vampires have to bear and the distance they are willing to go to stay alive.  You feel completely separated from society in this movie with how its shot and the performance each actor gives you, much like I am sure Owen and Abby feel.  This movie has awesome scary parts including a kill scene where Abby plops on some poor woman walking out of her apartment complex high from and tree and rips open her jugular like a fucking wolverine.  Another bone chilling part takes place at an inside pool where Abby saves Owen from a couple of punk ass kids holding Owen underwater for what seems like forever. It’s scary watching kids do horrible things to each other and knowing that some of this stuff happens every day is scary! Kids can be mean!  Abby ends up tearing these kids apart with an amazing underwater shot of Owen watching the body parts of the bullies fall in the pool around him with a sense of relief on his face. Sometimes it is what you do not see that scares you the most. The effects are top notch and very realistic. At one, point Jenkins pours acid on his face to hide his and Abby’s identity.  Super brutal and fantastically awesome looking. Blood is essential in every Vampire movie and there is plenty of it in Let Me In…not to mention due to the cold climate throughout the blood looks dark, thick, and heavy. It is perfect. Thank you Let Me In for putting Vampires back on the map. Check this movie out and enjoy. Bloodsucking at its finest.

“You have to hit back, HARD” – Abby

-Gutsy Greg-