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The Lost Boys -

“I been in a cave

For forty days

Only a spark to light my way

I wanna give out

I wanna give in

This is our crime

This is our sin

But I still believe…”

-Tom Cappello-

            I had many babysitters growing up. What can I say being the second born of three crazy boys? We needed to be watched! My parents worked hard and couldn’t contain us all the time. So, trusting who could actually watch us wasn’t easy. Two babysitters stick out to me when it comes to allowing me to watch R rated movies. My much older sister, Wendy, and a red-haired warrior named Tammy. Both were strict but open to scaring us straight and allowing our imaginations to grow. Tammy was more of an action fan so movies like Robocop and Terminator were constantly playing in the VCR. All I had to do was watch Golden Girls with her while she folded laundry and after lunch…hello Commando! Now, Wendy was a different story because she dug the horror flicks, which was faaaaantastic by me! I got to see Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare on Elm Street frequently and fell in love with each character as they were killed off one by one. One movie stood out above all the rest. One movie that helped me get lost in the shadows if you will…The Lost Boys.

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Vampires -

Jack Crow: Did you get a little wood?

Father Adam Guiteau: Mahogany.

Jack Crow: Excuse me?

Father Adam Guiteau: Ebony.

Jack Crow: What?

Father Adam Guiteau: Teak.

Jack Crow: Are you possessed by demons?

Father Adam Guiteau: Major Chubby.

Jack Crow: Language, Padre, language!

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From Dusk Till Dawn -

FROG FILES- From Dusk Till Dawn

“Did they look like psychos? Is that what they looked like? They were Vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hit them, I don’t give a fuck how crazy they are!” -Seth Gecko

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Cronos -


     Narrator: "[over the opening sequence] In 1536 fleeing from the Inquisition, the alchemist Uberto Fulcanelli disembarked in Veracruz, Mexico. Appointed official watchmaker to the Viceroy, Fulcanelli was determined to perfect an invention which would provide him with the key to eternal life. He was to name it…the Cronos device. 400 years later, one night in 1937, part of the vault in a building collapsed.  Among the victims was a man of strange skin, the color of marble in moonlight.  His chest mortally pierced, his last words…Suo tempore (in his own time). This was the alchemist.”

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Blade Trinity -

Frog Files: Blade Trinity

“In the movies, Dracula wears a cape, and some old English guy manages to save the day at the last moment with crosses and holy water. But everyone knows the movies are full of shit. The truth is, it began with Blade, and it ended with Blade. The rest of us were just along for the ride.”

– Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds)

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