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Fright Night -

       With Halloween slowly turning its fangs towards us and preparing us for the season of the dead, the Vampire flick that is always a must see when it comes to this time of year is Fright Night!  Really this movie is amazing any time of year. I just get the feels for it in October.  Nothing screams Fall to me more than watching an old 1966 Ford Mustang blow through some leaves, running from Vampires that happen to live next door, while the title sequence pops up on your screen and the F and T in Fright Night elongate into a pair of fangs. 

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“You’ll enjoy Mr. Barlow. And he’ll enjoy you.”  -Straker

            What a cool concept for a Vampire story! Vampires coming to small town America and slowly draining everyone in sight, with the only people seeming to notice being a writer and a teenage horror fanatic. Stephen King’s ability to continuously put out one scary story after another is extraordinary, and Salem’s Lot is no different. Stephen King was actually inspired to write the book after having an English class of his read Dracula, and wondering what it would be like to have the scariest of evil come over to the states and treating a small town in Maine as if it were a buffet of blood. Awesome concept. Now the trick would be how to portray this beautiful story to the big screen. Who could take over King’s throne and give us the visual we deserved?

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Near Dark -

“We keep odd hours.”  -Severen

            Of all the movies Frog Files has touched on, Near Dark may be quite possibly the most underrated Vampire movie of all time. Unfortunately for director Kathryn Bigelow, there were two huge problems with her directorial debut. The biggest problem would be that Near Dark was the last movie produced and released by DEG (DeLaurentiis Entertainment Group) due to the fact that the studio went bankrupt. The other would be that The Lost Boys also came out in 1987 and very much took the wind out of the sales for Near Dark. With no help in promoting the film, Near Dark took an unfair seat in second place much like many other vampire movies compared to a classic like The Lost Boys. However, much like the vampires in Near Dark, the movie never seems to age! Its timeless effects and lovable characters live forever amongst us vampire fans and for good reason!

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The Lost Boys -

“I been in a cave

For forty days

Only a spark to light my way

I wanna give out

I wanna give in

This is our crime

This is our sin

But I still believe…”

-Tom Cappello-

            I had many babysitters growing up. What can I say being the second born of three crazy boys? We needed to be watched! My parents worked hard and couldn’t contain us all the time. So, trusting who could actually watch us wasn’t easy. Two babysitters stick out to me when it comes to allowing me to watch R rated movies. My much older sister, Wendy, and a red-haired warrior named Tammy. Both were strict but open to scaring us straight and allowing our imaginations to grow. Tammy was more of an action fan so movies like Robocop and Terminator were constantly playing in the VCR. All I had to do was watch Golden Girls with her while she folded laundry and after lunch…hello Commando! Now, Wendy was a different story because she dug the horror flicks, which was faaaaantastic by me! I got to see Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare on Elm Street frequently and fell in love with each character as they were killed off one by one. One movie stood out above all the rest. One movie that helped me get lost in the shadows if you will…The Lost Boys.

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Vampires -

Jack Crow: Did you get a little wood?

Father Adam Guiteau: Mahogany.

Jack Crow: Excuse me?

Father Adam Guiteau: Ebony.

Jack Crow: What?

Father Adam Guiteau: Teak.

Jack Crow: Are you possessed by demons?

Father Adam Guiteau: Major Chubby.

Jack Crow: Language, Padre, language!

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