Area 314- The Fly (1986)

The Fly -

Area 314- The Fly (1986)

“A fly... got into the... transmitter pod with me that first time, when I was alone. The computer... got confused - there weren't supposed to be two separate genetic patterns - and it decided to... uhh... splice us together. It mated us, me and the fly. We hadn't even been properly introduced.”  -Seth Brundle

            A lot of times I go back and watch horror movies that I absolutely loved as a kid, then watch them as an adult and find myself a little let down and confused on what 10-year-old Greg was thinking. I’m sure a lot of my love for that particular movie was me just being caught up in the moment. I grew up loving Tobe Hooper’s Invaders from Mars for instance, partially because the thought of my teachers being aliens trying to harvest school children for brain matter was terrifying and made sense. Not so much anymore of course…maybe. I still dig the movie but in more of a nostalgic way. The Fly (1986) however is timeless. Body horror master, David Cronenberg, directed one of my all-time favorite horror movies in remaking The Fly, and in my opinion is the best remake.

            I think one of the big factors in why The Fly is so great and will forever be is because of the character development. The Fly incorporates the dramatic feel the old monster movies give you where you feel compassion for these characters in the film even while you see them transform into the villain both physically and mentally. Seth Brundle’s character (Jeff Goldblum) slowly mutates into a monster throughout the movie and in the process loses his mind and starts forming into this villain that I think everyone can relate to. Everyone has an inner monster…even you. And let’s not forget about Geena Davis character Veronica Quaife. This woman goes through falling in and out of love, escaping from a toxic relationship…TWICE, and gives birth to a maggot! This poor woman couldn’t catch a break but still finds a way to save the day! I wish I had her persistence when it comes to my life.

            The effects in this flick are quite disturbing. Anything from Veronica giving birth to larva or Seth throwing up on his food so his stomach acid can break the food down only to gobble it back up. These effects aren’t just unforgettable because of the gross factor but also because of the realistic prosthetics and makeup used throughout. One of my favorite scenes in this movie is when Seth enters an arm-wrestling contest at a local watering hole and snaps a man’s arm in half. Looked and sounded amazing, including the scream this man gargled out. The special effects lead, Chris Walas, actually directed The Fly 2 in 1989. For a sequel its pretty good and the effects live up to expectation with cool scenes involving creepy mutated dogs and watching security guards get folded up like lawn chairs. 

            Monster movies are my favorite kind of horror movie and The Fly is a big reason for that. There’s always a sense of compassion I get for theses monsters and I find myself asking why are they doing these horrible things? What awful things happened to them? I think monster movies are just misunderstood much like Seth Brundle. Sometimes we just need a break even if it’s an arm or a tooth. When it comes to sci-fi horror, The Fly is a cornerstone in the sub-genre and was an easy pick to kickstart the new year. Until next time…buzzzzz off!


-Gutsy Greg-

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