Area 314- The Faculty

The Faculty -

Area 314- The Faculty

When the clock strikes three and the bell sounds that the day has come to an end, where does the staff go? To coach practice? To the library to tutor? Straight home to their families? Or do they wait for us? Wait for us to come back so they can pick us off one by one so to be used as hosts for the sake of their kind. We are being destroyed and deteriorated while fed bullshit and made to follow their rules and their agenda. Whether you’re being shoved into your locker, or you’re the one closing the locker door, no one can avoid encountering The Faculty.

This movie was so spot on for me I couldn’t believe it. I related to the characters in The Faculty because I always felt so out of place and out of touch of what was going on inside my high school. I wanted to be cool like Zeke (Josh Hartnett) but with less homemade drugs. But I was more oblivious and nerdier like Casey (Elijah Wood). That is even though I dressed a certain way like Stokely (Clea DuVall) and played football while dreaming of quitting like Stan (Shawn Hatosy) did. Plus, I never trusted my teachers. Most of them were nuns and priests.

So, I had all these traits that led me to identify with everyone in the film as if it was happening to me. I don’t know how I’d handle an alien invasion. But let’s face it. I’d be one of the firsts to go. I’m too trusting and my excitement would ultimately be my downfall. You all are on your own.

These kids were so resilient that they were able to contain an invasion from out of this world!  Let that marinate for a moment. Director Robert Rodriguez and screenplay writer Kevin Williamson did such an incredible job pulling me in, as they do, from the special effects, to the twist near the end, and even the moderately tolerable Pink Floyd covers. Plus, who doesn’t love to see Usher in a movie? I know I do.

The Faculty is a really frightening concept if you think about it. Being preyed on by those who we are told to trust and be led by. The ones who guide us, mold us, and send us out into the world. The ones that we spend more time with in our formative years than our own families. Preparing us for their world and not the one we live in. Moving past everyone freely while shackling us to their beliefs, their standards, and their ways of life. Life unknown to us. Life that has been taken away in front of our very eyes. Fear The Faculty.

“I’m about to take my chances. I leave for five minutes, and when I come back everyone’s a fucking alien. Now, if I have to Men In Black your ass, you’re gonna fucking take it?”


Cannibal John

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