killer reviews

"You guys are my crack. I'm going to need a security detail to keep me from blowing all my money."

Coarey Trim- "Coarey Trim Creations", Twitter

"Absolutely exceptional service. Friendly, courtesy, and totally all-around awesome people seeking horror at a good price. Order from them!"

Douglas Wicker, Facebook

If you love horror like I do, then shop here at The Nightmare Shop. Greg and John are both awesome guys and great friends of mine. They also take the time to help me on horror podcast which is amazing to me. Shop here for any and all horror.

Sir Sturdy, Facebook

Awesome dudes with a true passion and a great selection of goodies. Feel safe ordering vinyl, because they definitely package with care.

Roger Henderson, Facebook

Right on, guys! The Nightmare Shop’s got a killer selection (“killer”, get it?), fair prices, and it’s super easy to navigate their website. I like knowing I’m buying horror merch from a couple guys who clearly love the genre as much as I do, so I can’t wait to do more business with The Shop! In the words of Joe Bob, “check it out”!

Tony Schilli, Facebook